Cast Glass

Cast glass provides light, visual interest and privacy to a space. Cast glass can replace flat glass for; doors, room and office walls, lighting, stair treads, cabinet doors, stair and balcony railing, bath and shower enclosures, presentation ware, and windows.

Standard and custom patterns and textures are available. Thickness range is .25" all the way to our Fused Glass products to 3" thick. Thickness up to 3/4" thick is tempered in house to ANSI Z97.1 standards. Custom graphics and logos can be incorporated in to one or across several panels. Cast glass panels can be etched for increase privacy or to introduce another element of design. They can be back painted on either the smooth or textured side to produce an opaque custom colored panel or table top. We can combine two layers of cast glass through lamination or laminate textured cast glass to flat glass to increase the functionality of countertops and bar tops where a heavy textured look is wanted but a smooth working surface is required.

  • textured blue glass bowl

    Presentation Ware - Serving Bowl

  • cast textured glass conference room wall

    Conference Room Walls

  • cast textured glass custom logo

    Custom Cast Logos

  • cast glass shower enclosure wave water texture

    Cast Glass Shower Enclosures

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  • cast glass textured glass door pulls

    Door Pulls

  • clear cast glass

    'Clear Cast' Windows

  • cast glass ice chest

    Presentation Ware - Ice Chest