Glass Transaction Tops Raised Glass Countertops

We have years of experience making elegant custom tempered glass transaction tops and raised countertops to exacting specifications. If your application is contemporary or traditional our process will drill, shape and polish your glass per your drawing or template. Transaction tops and raised glass countertops receive the highest level of quality control as they are touched, viewed up close and used in a demanding way that is unique to any other glass application.


Glass thickness can be as thin as ¼” or as thick as ¾” with standard flat glass in regular plate, low iron, or acid-etch. Thicker glass is available as textured cast glass or fused glass up to 3” thick. Graphics can be incorporated using many different techniques. Glass transaction tops can be etched or back-painted to any custom color. Glass countertops are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Glass tops can be used in a variety of ways; transaction tops, raised countertops, corner shelving, desktops, vanity tops, bar tops, railing caps.


Glass is tough and has a pleasant tactile quality. It is uniquely translucent or transparent adding usable surface area without adding visual weight or crowding the space. Glass is endlessly recyclable without any loss of quality. You can feel good about using glass, recycling glass takes 30% of the energy required to produce glass from raw materials.