Tempering Service

We have been tempering glass in-house since 1991 to ANSI Z97.1 standards. We strive to produce glass that is free of pits, scuffs, heat stains and warping. It is important to us to know what your application is, and what your expectations are. Our oven rollers are cleaned on a regular basis, and our tempering schedule is prioritized so glass that absolutely needs to be perfect comes first in the cycle. We temper glass from 3/16" thick to 3/4" thick. You are always welcome to bring us your fabricated glass for tempering.

  • tempered glass break pattern

    Tempered Glass Break Pattern

  • tempered cast textured glass

    Tempered cast textured glass with special edge treatment

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  • acid etched glass tempered

    Tempered satin deco (acid etched) glass ready for crating.

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